Henri-Pierre Noël

Disco and Afro-Funk Fusion

Henri-Pierre Noel is an incredibly versatile musician who uses the piano in a very percussive and syncopated way, almost like a drum. This particular technique naturally brings disco and afro-funk elements into his unique brand of dance floor fusion.

On moving to Canada from his original home of Haïti, pianist and singer/songwriter Henri-Pierre Noel brought with him much of the tropical island’s influences. The Kompa Funk sounds of his homeland, along side contemporary North American jazz and disco, run throughout both of Henri’s albums recorded in the late 1970’s – Piano and One More Step. Both were released on very limited private presses and have since become holy grails of the back music scene.

A remix project covering music from both albums is planned for later in 2015, with brand new music from the man to come in 2016!

Live Show

Henri’s live shows are riotous to say the least. His simple set up of drums, percussion, double bass and Henri himself on piano and vocals helps him quickly fire up a heady atmosphere. Monsieur Noel’s lightning quick fingers and the band’s hypnotic grooves have entranced audiences in Europe and North America alike. Add to that Henri’s sharp sense of humour and relentless energy (for a man in his 70s!) and you’ve got a very special performance indeed.

Please contact us to find out when Henri is planning to tour if you’re looking at shows outside of Canada.

I jumped at the chance to book Henri-Pierre as part of POP Montreal. His live performances (whether solo or with a band) are really amazing. No one plays piano like him. It’s such a unique and interesting fusion of jazz, boogie woogie and kompa performed by a true master. Henri-Pierre is really is an innovative musical genius. I look forward to working with him in the future. FOR SURE!

Daniel Seligman, Creative Director, POP MONTREAL